• To provide the psychological preparedness for accounting students in accordance for them to face the real-life working competition
  • To increase professionalism and working ability of accounting students in their future working environment
  • To increase knowledge and provide a considerable illustration about future career chances of accounting students

Our Team

Shaffiya Rahma Jufri

Vice Manager

Naufal Hanif Zulfikar


Eva Nathania


Anjar Respati Adityo


Gabriela Kidney


Yohanes Deo Adi Pradipta


Sheila Dewani Anindya


Value Added

  • Increase the ability to lead
  • Increase the agility to work in many working programs and activities all at once
  • Increase the ability in decision making
  • Increase the ability to communicate, whether visually or directly to the speaker
  • Expand the social network


  • Audit Training

A training to provide a brief explanation, increase professionalism, and give a considerable illustration about some highly enthused accounting concentrations so that the participants are able to face the real-life working competition in the future.

  • Public Speaking

Genuinely, a lot of people have said that graduated students of UGM are consistently lacks of confidence, especially when it comes to public speaking. On that account, this program aimed to provide the betterment of the ability and eagerness of the participants (especially UGM students) to speak in public in a more suitable way.

  • Prospect Seminars

This program aimed to provide a brief illustration about the top 5 career chances and concentrations of accounting for the accounting freshmen of FEB UGM: Information System, Public Sector and Taxation, Auditing, Finance and Managerial Accounting; and also accounting lecturers.

  • Getting Hired

This program managed to provide the psychological preparedness and also give a lot of information about some important things that has to be acknowledged during applying for a job, for instance CV, interview, and group discussion. As a deduction, participants will be able to make a favorable CV and also be well-prepared during the interview and group discussion.

  • Career’s Talk

This program aimed to provide a considerable illustration about a real-life working situation and what participants can do to improve the betterment of the country throughout sharing session from honorable speakers.