External Affair is a department that focuses on maintaining a good relationship with off-campus parties, and be the representative of IMAGAMA. Also, they main role is to improve the establishment and manage a good relationship with parties outside the campus, such as student associations from other faculties, organizations, and even professional institutions.

Our Team

Muhammad Hafizh Caesaro


Avicena Akbar
Maheswari Vania Yoga

Vice Manager

Nathasya Kristianti


Panji Ontoseno Wibowo


Rona Yuniarsih


Salma Ashila


Value Added:

  1. Maintain a good relationship with outside parties and also expand social network
  2. Increase skills in communicating and maintaining relationship with others.
  3. Increase the ability to work together in a team
  4. Increase the ability to lead a group/teamwork
  5. Increase the ability of social skills


Comparative Study

  • Developing the potential of the organization
  • Learning the working systems of other student associations
  • Increase knowledge about the organizational activities of other student associations
  • Adding insight in developing activities
  • Mutual studying organizational experience
  • Expanding the communications network with the existing student associations inside and outside UGM

Company Visit

  • Make a visit to the company to experience a firsthand working activities in real life.
  • To completely provide the career preparation of students.
  • To provide students to explore the accounting process of a company directly.

Imagama’s Greetings

  • Increase the fraternal relations of IMAGAMA with student associations from other universities
  • Increase the knowledge of each member of IMAGAMA and student association from other universities
  • As a place to exchange ideas between student associations

Public Lecture

  • To facilitate companies and institutions outside the Faculty to interact directly with the students
  • Increase a broader knowledge of students about the companies and institutions outside the Faculty

Grand Visit

  • Getting the students closer with the real world
  • Increase knowledge about existing education systems abroad
  • Improve knowledge of accounting in the world of work and its application

Imagama’s Inspire

  • To facilitate the accounting students to increase their knowledge about the prospect of working by bringing alumni of FEB UGM who have been successful in their career