F&A is a bureau that works as a liaison between IMAGAMA and the financial department as well as the academic people. The main role of this bureau is to expedite each financial matters within every single activities that are organized by IMAGAMA. 

As a professional organization, financial and administration are important because these two things are necessarily represent whether the organization is good or bad. F&A bureau will also directly dealing with each member of IMAGAMA in contemplation of the equable incoming and outgoing financial matters of IMAGAMA. 

For this bureau, managing financial matters is not just simply regulating the entry and exit of funds within the organization, but also to govern how the funds are used effectively and efficiently to support each activities that are conducted by the organization.

Meanwhile, administration is also essential because it is the central part of the organization that could be the entry and exit to a lot of information and it is also the center of the record-keeping of IMAGAMA. 

Our Team

Aliifah Ramadhani


Mifta Ratna

Vice Manager

Aliifah Ramadhani


Sylvia H


Latifa Aulia Khadijah



Become an excellent bureaucracy liaison between IMAGAMA and the financial department. And also, to transform each member of IMAGAMA into a well-ordered people in both financial and bureaucracy way.


  • Responsible to handle inventories inside the secretariat of IMAGAMA
  • Responsible to handle the bureaucracy of financial matters within each activities that are organized by IMAGAMA 
  • Responsible to look after each correspondency matters between IMAGAMA and external parties 


  1. Proposal and event report discussions
  2. IMAGAMA’S Funds
  3. IMAGAMA’s Inventory
  4. Correspondency