Human Resource

Human Resource is a bureau that works to improve and maintain a sense of family belonging and togetherness among the members of IMAGAMA. Throughout their working programs, Human Resource bureau intend to demonstrate that the success of an organization generates from the internal relationship between its members. In accordance to the AD/ART, IMAGAMA wants to run its activities based on the principle of kinship and thereby, before furtherly carrying out the activities that involves all accounting students and external parties, Human Resource bureau attempt to develop a sense of belonging among the members of IMAGAMA.

In such a way, Human Resource can also be said as a bureau that embodies the members of IMAGAMA in establishing the togetherness between each member. Besides, Human Resource bureau also monitors the performance of each departments and bureaus, and it is intended to assist in improving the performance of each member that will be able to actualizing the main purpose of IMAGAMA as an organization.

Our Team

Muhammad Nurindra Mudzakir


Elizabeth Risang Puri Larasati

Vice Manager

Nadia Nurrahma


Nadhifa Aisha Putri


Farra Amalia


Fida Laili Kun Khoiriya


Nastiti Puspitarini


Vila Nur Fadliana


Yusril Nur Amin


Value added

  • Increase the ability to deal with various kind of people and problems.
  • Improve honesty and fairness in conducting assessments of each departments and bureaus.
  • Enhance the ability to communicate with others.


  • SUMMIT 1
  • Mid Period Evaluation
  • SUMMIT 2
  • End of Period Evaluation
  • Farewell