Renaming and Change of Structure

This department was named “Intellectual Application” during the previous cabinets of IMAGAMA. But since in our opinion the name “Intellectual Application” is less able to reflect the purpose of the establishment of this department and as well as our working programs, and after a few considerations that will be described within the next paragraphs below, we eventually decided to change it into “Intellectual Development” at the beginning period of Tonggak Cahaya IMAGAMA 2016/2017.

In grammar, the word ‘application’ can be translated as the use or application. Unfortunately, even though accounting is included in a field of science, accounting itself is not included in ‘applied science’ because basically in our daily activities, accounting can only be used in a particular field. And yes, accounting can only be used in the case that concerns about financial problems.

In addition, the goal of the establishment of this department in our opinion is to facilitate and assist members of IMAGAMA in academic issues, namely the development of knowledge about accounting instead of focused on applying what we already know about accounting towards an innovation or new technology. Preparation of the working program as well as the delegate competition and IMAGAMA Study Club (ISC) reflect the objectives of this department as an aid IMAGAMA on the academic side. Therefore, we think ‘development’ will be more appropriate and suitable for the name of this department and in such a way, the name of this department was transformed into “Intellectual Development” (IDE).

Beside the change of the name, in this period there is also a change in the structure of this department; the department is divided into two sub-departments, namely Education and Research. This division aims to create a working environment that is more focused and effective. This also explains the scope of the Intellectual Development (IDE) department, namely academic development for the internal scope or Education, and science development in the field Research.

Our Team

Ahmad Fauzi


Dwinta Nurdiasfi

Vice Manager

Fransisca Puspalinda


Natalie Christnindita Decideria


Justina Intan


Erica Lesmana


Pande Made Kintan R.



  • Providing a good academic facility for all members of IMAGAMA, as well as
  • Increase a broader knowledge of accounting for IMAGAMA members.

Value Added

  • Increase the sensitivity to current issues in the field of Accounting
  • Having a more comprehensive insight regarding to the Accounting course material
  • Improve the academic integrity
  • Increase the desire to perform better academically


  • Accounting Contentration Test (ACT). Description :This program aimed to assist members of IMAGAMA, especially the 3rd and 5th semester accounting students in determining which concentration suits them best within accounting department in the scope of FEB UGM, which until now divided into six concentrations: Audit, Finance, Information System, Managerial Accounting, Public Section and Taxation, and Sharia Accounting.
  • Olympiad and Conference Delegation. Description :This program aimed to prepare IMAGAMA members while they are participating in some competition within the field of accounting, either in accounting Olypmics as well as the conference (call for paper).
  • Hola IMAGAMA. Description : A source of information about IMAGAMA in the form of a tiny notebook to represent the organization as well as the accounting department to the upcoming freshmen of 2016.
  • Bedah PSAK. Description :An open discussion of recent accounting issues, particularly those contained in the Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan (PSAK).
  • Research. Description :A scientific literature as a means of channeling the sense of curiosity within each member of IMAGAMA regarding to the problems and global latest issues in the field of accounting.
  • Wall Magazine (Featuring MIS Bureau). Description:A one stop information center for all accounting students that consists of the latest information about various events, competitions, etc.
  • Imagama Study Club (ISC). Description :Provide an academic assistency for accounting courses to all accounting students of FEB UGM as a preparation before Mid Semester Exam, as well as the Final Semester Exam.
  • Bank Soal IMAGAMA. Description :A collection of past examination questions and problems from the previous year.
  • #AccountingFactsToday. Description :A short lecture about things that are related to accounting through the official account of IMAGAMA in several social medias, such as Line and Instagram.
  • IDE Internal Working Program. Description :This program aimed to increase the togetherness between each member of IDE, as well as refreshing.