Our Team

Auladi Ilman Nafian Tirta


Dimas Dharmawan


Kevin Mannuel


Fauzan Dimas Ardhana


Mutiara Amalia WP


Wildan Sulchan Alfiyono


Putri Hayuning Tyas

Vice Manager


To create and serves FEB UGM accounting students in order to enhance superb relationship through sport, art, and social activities.


  • Imagama Super League (ISL). To distribute and develop sporting talent of each accounting students, and also enhance the sense of belonging among them.
  • Music Challenge (lomba band antar angkatan). To distribute and develop artistic talent in the field of musical groups (band) within accounting students of UGM.
  • Fun Tsally. To increase the sense of belonging and togetherness as a family through indoor football and volley activities on a regular basis (once per 2 weeks).
  • Ramadan Breakfasting. This program aimed to exaggerate the relationship between accounting students of FEB UGM through ramadan breakfasting activity.
  • Social Charity. To build up a sense of concern among each other for accounting students of FEB UGM.

Value Added

  • Fostering a sense of concern among each other
  • Sportsmanship
  • Self-Actualization
  • Broadening Experience
  • Improving the talent and ability