IMAGAMA Internal SUMMIT 1 and Leadership Training: Let’s Get Hype! was held by Human Resource bureau on March 19th until March 20th 2016, in Ngesti Laras, Kaliurang.

The event started at 9.30 AM and was opened by SOP training for all new members of IMAGAMA, and also sharing session from previous cabinets Board of Directors and Managers of IMAGAMA. During the night of the first day, Art Exhibition was held and it was completed by the magnificent-yet-bizarre performances by each departments and bureaus. Those performances were welcomed by extremely chaotic and enthusiast atmosphere from the audiences. And also, by the end of the night, three people were given a special birthday cake surprise from IMAGAMA. The three birthday fellows are Nurma Nindya (BoD), Amelia Tri P. (Manager of MIS Bureau), and Pinandito Ilham (Staff of MIS Bureau). Later that night, sharing session was given by the three Board of Directors (Yorkie Thavianto, Nurma Nindya & Anro Ongat) as a closing on the first day of SUMMIT 1.

The next morning, after having a breakfast and a little morning workout from Sport, Art & Society department, all participants of SUMMIT 1 were divided into eight groups to join the outbound. Afterwards, each groups were required to perform a group song with gestures before entering every post during the outbound. Despite the long walks and warm weather, each groups seemed to be really on fire in competing among each other. Consequently, the air was filled with togetherness, laughter and excitement during the outbound, and I think it was genuinely the most unforgettable part of SUMMIT 1.

At last, sharing session by the committee and participants was held as a closing of SUMMIT 1. Photos were taken, and External Affair department was declared as the best performer of Art Exhibition on the previous night. In the end, the Internal SUMMIT 1 and Leadership Training has successfully brought the togetherness within each member of IMAGAMA. Indeed, this event was marvelously hype and awesome!

Last but not least, for Human Resource department and other SUMMIT 1 committees, keep up the good work!

Your Lifetime Partner,

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