Sungguh Malam-Malam Ini tak Terlupakan!

It was held on 4th and 5th of March 2017 in Ngesti Laras, Kaliurang. SUMMIT 1 is the working program of Human Resources IMAGAMA.

This event was started by the Leadership Training with the purpose of building and developing the sense of leadership and teamwork in an organization and an individual. Then the event continued with Bonding Time. With this Bonding Time, it was highly anticipated that the togetherness of all the boards of IMAGAMA will be bonded through all the events prepared. They will all laugh together and become closer.

But those expectations nearly came to an end when at night of HAPPART, there were an unexpected thing happened. The electricity in our area went dead! Things were going hectic for the committee. We have tried all we could do to keep the event running. In the middle of nowhere, Lapon (Naufal-HR) tried to diverse the boredom of boards of IMAGAMA by telling horror stories and inviting them to sing together.

The electricity got down pretty long, thus the committee were asking the participants whether who wants to perform as they were in the pitch black. Fortunately, SAS came in and was willing to perform in the dark. THANK YOU SAS! YOU ALL SAVED OUR LIVES! (love from HR). Soon, the electricity was on again and HAPPART kept on going. This night was the peak night of SUMMIT 1 2017. I think, those unexpected events and all the things were really unforgettable!

The next day, we started the day by doing the morning exercise. After the morning exercise, we had a breakfast and doing the outbond preparation. All the boards of IMAGAMA who came to SUMMIT 1 were divided into 8 groups. Afterwards, each groups were required to perform a group song with gestures before entering every post during the outbound. Despite the long walks and warm weather, each groups seemed to be really on fire in competing among each other. Even though they all come from different bureaus and departments, they looked really comfortable to each other. Consequently, the air was filled with togetherness, laughter and excitement during the outbound, and I think it was genuinely the most unforgettable part of SUMMIT 1.

All the participants looked really tired after all the eight outbond games located around Ngesti Laras, Kaliurang. But in my opinion, the fatigue were paid after the Announcement of Championship of SUMMIT 1. There are several categories:

  1. The Champion of HAPPART : IDE
  2. The Best Outbond Group : Group 5
  3. The Best Final Game Group : Group Odd Number

One of the most surprising thing is the prize for the best HAPPART Champion, which is a TURTLE. At first, they got shocked and they were even more shocked when they are told that the turtle have to be taken care of by their whole heart and it should be taken in the SUMMIT 2. After the Announcement of Championship, SUMMIT 1 is officially ended and it is closed by group photos.

Last but not least, for Human Resource department and other SUMMIT 1 committees, keep up the good work! SUMMIT (Sungguh Malam-Malam tak Terluapakan) has been achieved !

Your Lifetime Partner,